Intoxilyzer Reports

How do I download files from JusticeWeb?
  • Locate the case you are looking for via the Search bar.
  • Once you have opened your case, click on the ‘Downloads’ link. This will give you a drop down of any downloads available in your case.
  • Click on “Download” document you wish to download. This will begin the download process and you should see a zip file appear on the lower left hand corner of your screen.
  • Once the download is complete, click on the zip file. This will bring up the file on your machine where the download has been created.
  • Double click on the document to open.

How do I submit an E-filing?
  • Locate the case you are looking for via the Search bar.
  • Once you have opened your case, click on the ‘Work with this case’ link. This will give you an EFile option.
  • Click on ‘EFile’ and the window will appear for attaching a file. Click on ‘Attach a File’.
  • Click on the document on your machine you wish to EFile and then click ‘Open’.
  • This will begin the upload process. Once the upload is complete, you may add a Case Note or simply click ‘Submit Request’.
  • Once you click on ‘Submit Request’, you should receive an email notification advising you your document has been filed.
  • Click OK to exit.

I received a notification my download is ready, but I can’t view it?
  • Please allow up to 24-hours files to be available. If your download is still not available, please contact our office at 928-453-4144 or via email at

Why is my client’s case not appearing on JusticeWeb?
  • Closed cases and cases that are in Warrant status will NOT appear in JusticeWeb. Please email the criminal inbox ( if you have specific questions regarding these cases.
  • Cases that have not yet been opened by LHCAO please allow for time be opened. You may have received Court paperwork, however, there are steps we have to take before opening and cases are opened based on their upcoming court date – not necessarily by date of receipt of paperwork.

How do I view officer’s body camera footage (AXON Video)?
  • All requests for AXON footage must be made in writing to Once available, AXON footage will be disclosed to you via a weblink from

My question isn’t here…?
If you have any additional questions, please contact LHCAO’s system admin here

Welcome to eDiscovery

Welcome to the Lake Havasu City Attorney’s Office (LHCAO) online Discovery portal.

This portal gives you a secure and convenient way to download electronic Discovery Material from the LHCAO for court cases in which you are the Attorney of Record. At this time, Discovery Material downloads can be performed with desktop or laptop computers using the following Internet Browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer®.
  • Mozilla Firefox®.
  • Google Chrome™.
  • Apple Safari®.

Create an Account

In order to access discovery, you need to create an account. Use the steps below to create an account:

  • Click New Account Request link at top right..
  • Complete the fields in the form.
  • Click the Submit Request button.
  • An email will be sent to you once your account has been approved.
  • Once Your Account has been Approved

    You can Sign In to eDiscovery with your Username and Password. You will see the “Active Cases” page listing only the cases with Discovery Material in which you are the Defense Attorney of Record.

    Your Internet browser’s Forward and Back buttons take you back and forth between pages.